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Story of the Stream

A fighter jet experience..

We are giving it our all and are currently marrying all our knowledge, craftsmanship, strength and energy to finalize our newest aircraft. The Stream will be our highest technical achievement to date and will become the flagship of TL-ULTRALIGHT. We are thrilled knowing that yet again we have managed to set new benchmarks in ultralight aviation – its name is Stream!

As soon as you sit inside one of our Streams you will get to experience the fighter jet pilot feeling. Tandem seating and sophisticated outline of the aircraft, state of the art glass cockpit and stick furnished with many control devices are just a few features that stand behind the impeccable design, aerodynamic purity and precision in steering and control. Robust landing gear, ROTAX 912ULS engine and the PowerMax propeller can only mean the following – safety, high speed, and the incredible experience of flying! The Stream is the future. The Stream is setting a new trend in ultralight flying.

The Stream is ready to be ordered.


A dream come true for many pilots. The design of a fighter jet in a luxurious form. The perfect flight characteristics will allow you to enjoy every flight to the fullest.

Though-out in every detail. With an emphasis on clean lines. Its elegant and dynamic design will simply captivate you. Thanks to an uninterrupted view from the cabin, you’ll fully enjoy the feeling of speed during every flight. Ideal for long trips or flying for enjoyment.


  • 2 seats in a tandem arrangement

  •  electronically operated flaps

  • a retractable and steerable landing gear

  • braked wheels of the main landing gear

  • manufactured from Kevlar and carbon fibre.


  • stall speed: 65 km/h (40 mph) – Ultra Light Aircraft

  •  Never exceed speed: 335 km/h (208 mph)


Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.27.23 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.26.33 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.25.34 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.26.06 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.27.56 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.23.19 pm


A modern and clear cockpit. Comfortable and safe seats. A terrific view from the cabin.

The maximum feeling of flying.

A dashboard with the most modern avionics. Everything is clearly arranged and within the pilot’s reach. Ergonomically shaped heated leather seats. A guarantee of comfort for the occupants even during longer flights.

  • a terrific view from the cabin.

  • precise control thanks to the sidestick

  • comfortable leather seats

  • excellent ergonomics

The Stream’s cockpit will envelop you and not let go. You’ll immediately start to feel like a fighter jet pilot. Everything is clearly arranged and within reach.

Steering, control

The Stream’s steering is simple and absolutely precise. The sidestick with a control for the gear retraction will provide you with perfect control over the aircraft. All that’s needed is to figure out where to fly next...

  • dual controls

  • a modern concept with sidesticks

  • electronically adjustable front and rear pedals.

  • electronically operated flaps and balancing

Flying the Stream is a joy. Thanks to the great steering, you get the feeling of being one with the aircraft. You won’t want to stop.

The best you can have. The Stream is supplied with the newest avionics from GARMIN.

Everything important for the flight is always clearly in front of you. The cockpit is dominated by the brilliant G3X Touch system display. Thanks to this display, every flight is very comfortable and safe. A few touches are all that’s needed to set up everything. Avionics from GARMIN are the best that you can have in the Stream’s cockpit.


Pilots of larger aircraft know Garmin well. Recently, a new system – the G3X Touch, suitable for use in ultralight aircraft has been introduced by them. That is why one of the best most reliable glass cockpit solutions of the highest quality is being currently offered to you by us. Their very bright high resolution touchscreen displays that are easily readable even in direct sunlight ensure that all necessary data are only few touches away. 3D outside terrain viewing, various mapping options and surrounding traffic information – all of these and more are being delivered to you in the Garmin G3X Touch!


The Stream’s fuselage is not only beautiful, but thanks to the use of the most modern CAD/CAM technologies it’s also completely safe.

We’ve given a great deal of care to the protection of the occupants. Kevlar and carbon fibre are a guarantee of the highest possible rigidity and also of the aircraft’s low weight. With the use of the most modern production methods and technologies, the production of the Stream is fast, precise and flawless.

The inner part of the fuselage is composed of a Kevlar shell which ensures the maximum strength of the space for the occupants. This way, we achieve the highest level of safety.


Engine is the heart of every aircraft and that is why all our aircraft are fitted with engines of the ROTAX brand - they have been tried, they have been tested and come with thousands of flight hours experience.

Propeller can be fixed or in-flight adjustable. You can choose from a wide variety of types and designs. The ideal choice of course is the in-flight adjustable PowerMax propeller.

Technical data

Length                                             6.785 m

Height                                             2.475 m

Wing span                                      9.000 m

Wing area                                       9.962 m2

Horizontal tail width                          2.96 m

Horizontal tail area                           1.776 m2

Vertical tail area                               0.995 m2

Cabin width                                    575 mm

Never exceed speed                        335 km/h

Minimum speed                               65 km/h

Climb rate (max. TOW)                     6 m/s

Empty weight (according to type)         297 kg

Maximum take-off weight                   472,5 kg (600 kg LSA)

Minimum crew weight                       60 kg

Maximum crew weight                      180 kg

Maximum luggage weight                 10 - 15 kg

Fuel consumption                              18.5 l/h

75% max. continuous power

Fuel tank capacity                             90 l

Flying range                                    1400 km/h

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