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TL_UltralightWA Basic Price List for STING

STANDARD FEATURES      € 100,400


  • Carbon fibre composite airframe with fixed landing gear

  • White painted

  • Rotax 912UL 80hp engine - 4 cylinders. Liquid/air cooled. Integrated reduction gear. Key ignition system. Throttle control. Slipper clutch. Tubular steel engine mount. 6 rubber engine mounts. Carburettor brackets. Carburettor drip pans. Air & oil filters. Oil & water coolers. Oil thermostat. Fireproof sleeves on the fuel lines.

  • 3-blade on-ground DUC SWIRL propeller - Carbon fibre blades with metal leading edge protection. Propeller blade sleeves. Carbon fibre white propeller spinner.


  • Magnetic compass

  • Airspeed indicator

  • Altimeter

  • Vertical speed indicator

  • Slip/skid indicator

  • Pitot-static system

  • Engine RPM

  • Fuel & oil pressure gauges

  • Oil temperature gauge

  • CHT gauge

  • Hobbs hour meter

  • Low voltage warning LED


  • Pilot side differential toe brake system

  • Inflight adjustable pedals for pilot and co-pilot

  • Dual flight controls & elevator trim

  • Engine controls - Central quadrant with single throttle level, choke etc. Elevator trim control with indicator. Electric flaps with indicator


  • 12 volt 8amp battery

  • Switches 

  • 2 x 12 volt sockets


  • 77 liter capacity in total, located in the fuselage.

  • Engine driven fuel pump

  • Fuel sampling quick drain

  • Visual fuel gauge

  • Fuel selector

  • Gasculator


  • Comfortable sport seats with 4 point safety harness for pilot & co-pilot

  • Wall to wall carpeting

  • Canopy locking system

  • Front anti fog ventilation

  • Side turning vents and ventilation tunnels

  • Large luggage compartment with cargo net

  • Full airframe recovery system


  • Panoramic blue or tint canopy with three locking points

  • Steerable nose wheel

  • Aerodynamic carbon fibre wheel cover

  • Tie down rings on both wings & fuselage rear

  • Tow bar for manoeuvring on the ground


  • 2 years or 100 flying hours manufactures warranty within the EU

  • 1 year or 100 flying hours outside the EU

  • Documents supplied with aircraft - Printed POH

  • Electronic AMM and illustrated spare parts catalogue

NOTE; Some standard gauges listed above may be removed when fitting upgraded G3x accessories. Only backup gauges are ASI, ATL,Vario 80mm and fuel pressure. The cost is already reduced from the upgraded G3x accessories.

For all upgrade & accessories please contact TL-UltralightWA for a quote/pricelist


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