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The New Sparker!


When we were permitted to raise the MTOW in UL category, we knew we had to create something special. Sparker has been completely designed from the ground up to accomodate this higher takeoff weight. Besides the additional load, you'll also enjoy both comfortable, spacious aircraft with ideal flight characteristics, and we accomplished our goals

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She looks great and wont disappoint in the air. Through modern technology, we have created a versatile airframe that is both elegant and aerodynamically efficient. the result is a large interior spaces for both crew and luggage.


Watching the Sparker fly you can feel the anticipation and adrenalin that piloting the aircraft will bring. In the air, she becomes a predator that ecexls in speed and agility. The view from the cabin is spectacular. Thanks to modern avionics and imaging capabilities, Sparker has expanded situational awareness. Just as a predator is aware of their environment, you'll be aware of yours with the sparker  


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Maximum Crew Comfort

The Sparker's dashboard comes with the latest avionics. Everything is placed at the piolt's fingertips. An unbeatable large instrument panel includes three ten-inch displays. the large panel comes installed with versatile avionics equipment.

Ergonomically shaped heated leather seats guarantee the crew's comfort during long flights.

Amazing views from the cabin

Precise steering thanks to sidestick controls

Comfortable leather seats

Great ergonomics

The generous Sparker cockpit provides maximum comfort and unobstructed views, thanks to the clear arrangement of all elements

Sparker control is easy and absolutely accurate. Sidesticks with the control of transverse and longitudinal balance will provide you with the perfect control over the aircraft. You'll be convinced on your maiden flight when the Sparker meets all expectations

Dual control

Modern concept with sidestick controls

Electrically adjustable pedals

Electrically operated flaps and trim

Lets face it, the perception of an aircraft comes down to how it handles when you fly. You'll be thrilled with how the Sparker delivers. Once you own a Sparker, you'll be looking for any excuse to fly!


Because we only wanted the best, the Sparker comes with the latest GARMIN avionics.

When you sit down in the Sparker, everything necessary is clearly arranged in front of you on a spacious instrument panel. This allows the installation of three, ten-inch G3X Touch displays. Thanks to these, every flight is comfortable and safe. just a few touches and you can set everything you need, GARMIN avionics are the best you can have and they're in the Sparker cockpit.

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The Sparker aircraft is beautiful and safe, thanks to the use of the latest CAD/CAM technologies


We took the utmost care to protect the crew. Carbon and Kevlar fibers
guarantee the highest possible strength while at the same time providing low weight.

The inner part of the fuselage is formed by a Kevlar shell, which guarantees maximum strength in the crew compartment. this guarantees the highest level of safety.

Using modern production processes and technologies, Sparker production is fast, accurate and flawless.

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The engine is the heart of the plane. That is why we equip the Sparker with a ROTAX engine. The ROTAX is tested, tried and true for thousands of flying hours

Propellers can be fixed or adjustable. They come in  various types and configurations. The ideal choices are adjustable 3-bladed PowerMax or 2-bladed DuoMax propellers

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Technical data

Length                                             6,63 m

Height                                             2,57 m

Wing span                                      9,00 m

Wing area                                      9,962 m2

Horizontal tail width                          2,96 m

Horizontal tail area                           1,776 m2

Vertical tail area                               0,995 m2

Cabin width                                    1,250m

Never exceed speed                        335 km/h

Minimum speed                               83 km/h

Climb rate (max. TOW)                     6 m/s

Empty weight (according to type)         350 kg

Maximum take-off weight                   600 kg LSA

Minimum crew weight                       60 kg

Maximum crew weight                      200 kg

Maximum luggage weight                 25 kg

Fuel consumption                              16,2 l/h

75% max. continuous power

Fuel tank capacity                             105 l

Flying range                                    1400 km/h

Luggage space volume                      672 l

Front luggage                                   12 l

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